Human Origins Leiden

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Raymond Corbey (associate member)

Personal Information:

Position: Professor, Epistemology of Archaeology Corbey (associate member), Raymond
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone or fax: +31(0)715272451
Location: Faculty of Archaeology, room 2.08.

At the Leiden University Faculty of Archaeology I teach Epistemology of Archaeology in the RMA and PhD programs and Anthropology 101 to first year students. My main teaching and research activities are in the School of Humanities of Tilburg University, where I am Associate Professor of Philosophy (see

My research deals with human and animal cognition, sociality, and culture in an evolutionary perspective. I look at philosophical views and their history, in particular how they guide research in ethnology, palaeoanthropology, and primatology, in the sense of epistemology ('Grundlagenforschung', the analysis of conceptualisation and presuppositions) of those disciplines.

I am a strong believer in the idea of "history and philosophy of science" and in anthropology as an integrated, holistic, interdisciplinary discipline, emerging out of its four fields, engaging with both evolutionary and interpretative approaches, and - its major challenge presently - struggling to work out how these two relate.

In particular I am interested in the reception and rebuttal of evolutionary analysis in 20th-century and present-day continental-European philosophy and in the human sciences, for example in research on reciprocity and exchange and on narrative meaning (in myth, ritual, art). One angle of approach here is ethnozoology, specifically the relations between folk taxonomies and scientific taxonomy (e.g., of primates and humans).

Publications and Projects: seeĀ