Human Origins Leiden

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Elinor Croxall

Personal Information:

Position: PhD researcher Croxall, Elinor
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone or fax: +31(0)715272636
Location: Room 1.02, Rapenburg 73

My PhD research investigates the behavioural determinants of settlement patterns, site reuse and site differentiation in the Middle to Late Pleistocene of Northern Europe. Predictions for Neanderthal mobility are developed by investigating patterns of spatial behaviour and the reasons for site use in other animals. This approach is based on principles of evolutionary ecology in resource distribution and social relationships. As I am particuarly interested in the highly seasonal environments of northern and central Europe, my behavioural case studies include different strategies adopted by large predators in the Serengeti, wolves in a variety of habitats and hunter-gatherers in mid to high latitudes. An analysis of carnivore spatial behaviour will be compared to the spatial patterns of behaviour found in modern human hunter-gatherer populations, evaluating the effects of storage and other social factors considered unique to humans. The parameters influencing mobility strategies and patterns in these diverse groups can be reconstructed from what is known of Neanderthal environments and social organisation, resulting in a set of predictions about Neanderthal mobility behaviour.

My research is supervised by Wil Roebroeks and behavioural biologist Liesbeth Sterck (Utrecht University). This work builds on my background of analysis into formation processes and site formation at Koobi Fora (UCL) and site use by Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii at Budongo, Uganda (Keble College, Oxford).

I participate in undergraduate teaching at Leiden and have assisted in the supervision of students at Utrecht. My fieldwork experience includes excavation in South Africa, Italy, Georgia and the UK.

I am currently based in the UK and am best contacted by email.