Special Issue of Quaternary International

Thursday, 09 August 2012 11:46

A special issue on 'The environment and chronology of the earliest occupation of north-west Europe' has just appeared in Quaternary International (Volume 271, 31 August 2012). The special issue was edited by staff members Katharine MacDonald and Wil Roebroeks.  In the last two decades much has changed in research on the early occupation of north-west Europe, including developments in dating methods, the discoveries of a series of surprisingly early sites through new fieldwork and a range of new research questions. In order to address these questions, a robust chronology and understanding of past environments is required. However, the chrono-stratigraphy of the late Early and early Middle Pleistocene, though much more refined than it was two decades ago, still presents a number of problems. The contributions to this volume are primarily the result of an international conference held in the Faculty of Archaeology, University of Leiden in 2009 with the aim of addressing this issue. This special issue gives an up-to-date review of knowledge of the chronology and environment, as well as providing new perspectives on hominin occupation and adaptation.

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